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Samsung high-efficiency SSD to replace hard drives

While the SSD is a whole lot more expensive than the HDD, its main advantage is speed and performance. Many high-end computers require SSD drives, but fact of the matter is, you can’t really find an SSD drive with more than 1 TB of storage. When it comes to enterprise solutions or multimedia environments, that’s just not enough storage space. While we do have cloud storage as an alternative to both HDD and SSD, there’s reticence in its use because of privacy and security issues. Samsung has begun production of a new type of SSD drive, made with TLC V-NAND flash memory, or 3-bit multi-level-cell, 3D vertical NAND flash memory.

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R6ex2779d ago

Hmm ... I'm waiting for the 850 EVO.

quenomamen2779d ago

You mean like that have been for the last 5 years ?

SilentNegotiator2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Yeah, but this time they really mean i-

Comment2-1.txt has become corrupt. lol

cyclindk2779d ago

Just need to be highly-cheap :)

Blasphemy2779d ago

cloud storage is the future anyway. hdd will go the way of the dodo.