Purpose Built NAS Hard Drives and Why You Need Them

TechNutz: So you have decided that it is time to centralize your storage and give your data a safe home to be served to all of your devices. Whether you are using a DIY NAS or a pre-built solution such as a Synology DiskStation 4-Bay DS412+ you need to chose the correct NAS hard drive to get performance and reliability that a standard desktop drive cannot provide. Luckily, hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital and Seagate have picked up on the cue’s and are providing purpose built NAS hard drive solutions. So let’s review my experiences and delve into the reasons why…

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fatstarr2816d ago

Mind opening Article, I was going to go the cheapest possible route but I now see the error. and here I thought A hard Drive was a hard drive.

garythetechnut2815d ago

You could probably get away with using cheap drives but I wouldn't trust my data to just a few saved dollars.