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How To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free From Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

GearNuke: "Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Windows 10 release date has been confirmed to be on July 29th and since it is pretty close, Microsoft has started the free upgrade program for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users."

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Speed-Racer2330d ago

Not a very helpful guide. I have a legit copy of Win7 and don't see the icon yet.

DarkLordMalik2330d ago

The update is out for Windows 8/8.1 and might be released for Windows 7 at a later date.

Norad62329d ago

Its also out for 7. My PCs at work run windows 7 and have the icon. Of course my pc at home doesn't have it yet. All well, it'll be there eventually. Not like 10 is out yet anyway. LOL

Stringerbell2329d ago

Yeah I can confirm it appeared late last night on my PC (Windows 7).

proudly_X2330d ago

So you refused to upgrade to Win 8.1 :P

See you in 10 anyways..

Speed-Racer2329d ago

Yea as soon as 10 comes out, I'm getting it.

NecotheSergal2329d ago

I have Windows 7 64bit Professional and I've seen the icon for the past 2 days now.

Can't wait to get Windows 10 Professional for free :D

barb_wire2329d ago

I'm on Win 7, got that notification 2 days ago.. already reserved my copy of Win 10.

thorstein2329d ago

Mine is in the "notifications area icons" next to my volume bar. (I didn't read the article) I don't know if you looked there yet.

Speed-Racer2329d ago

I only realized how terribly out of date my system was and ran about 2 hours worth of updates to get my pop up to show. LOL

Dasteru2329d ago

If running windows 7, make sure you have the following updates:


For windows 8 or 8.1:


Once you confirm that you have those.

Download the file then right click on it and run as admin.

If that doesn't fix it, go into Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Task Scheduler / Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows / Setup / GWXTriggers and run RefreshGWXConfig-B.

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2330d ago
Speed-Racer2330d ago

As a follow up to this article, for folks like me with Windows 7, you should have a Windows Update module called KB303583 installed. It also requires that SP1 be installed as a pre-req.

Also, if you can't find it in your update schedule, you can reset the list and have Windows Update re-detect the required plugins

Works for me now.

thorstein2329d ago

Do you know anything about the mobile? Do we have to "reserve" the update for mobile or does it just update.

Speed-Racer2329d ago

Seems to be just the PCs seeing this so far, but I figure you'd be able to get it anyway once it's out in July. I doubt this reservation process is going to give any major priority anyway.

Agent_hitman2329d ago

Well, just a question. Do we have to back up all the files of our HDDs before proceeding into Win10 update?

Speed-Racer2329d ago

It's always recommended when doing an upgrade but you shouldn't lose anything because the transition is not as drastic as say coming from XP to Windows 7.

UltraNova2329d ago


Following agent's question, I have to ask, if some programs and files are not transferred after windows 10 gets installed what makes you believe a backup will restore said files after W10 installation? Could the case be that those files are not supported by the new OS?