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Windows 10 UMP gets PC Gaming Update

Thanks to the magic and wizardry of modern technology, you can now turn off v-sync, unlock your frame rate. PC gaming is back!

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2pacalypsenow2697d ago

Umm is this a new feature or something because outside of UMP every game can do this lol PC gaming is back? what?

s45gr322696d ago

Now add mod support, lan support, and steam controller support. That will make everyone happy


Unreal Engine, Not Unity, Could Expand Gaming On Apple Vision Pro

Shaz from TL writes: “With Unity’s recent pricing changes, Epic Games have an opportunity to have Unreal be the engine that expands gaming on Apple Vision Pro.”

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PS5 gaming to become much more alluring

The Sony PS5 is closing in on some cool enough latest features along with a quite significant UK price reduction.

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iOS 17 beta 4 to ruined a couple of new iPhone 15 Pro features

As Apple has made iOS 17 beta 4 available to registered developers, a couple of iPhone users are observing several exciting modifications.

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