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Massive backlash against Windows 10’s upgrade push

MWEB GameZone writes: "Over 1.2 million complaints lodged in China against Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade push."

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2015d ago
DragoonsScaleLegends2014d ago

Well on laptops the improvements over 7 and 8 (performance wise) was worth the free upgrade, but on my custom PC I notice bugs every day. The mail app is basically broken half the time and cortana was out of commission until recently.

garrettbobbyferguson2014d ago

Have a decent laptop from 2012-13. Didn't notice any performance increases over Windows 7. That's just me personally.

DragoonsScaleLegends2014d ago

I had 7 on one laptop and 8 on another. Both were a couple years old with weak AMD APU's, the improvements were pretty easy to notice, just opening the web browser worked better. Of course the Edge web browser is trash so Chrome is the way to go. Honestly it comes down to the hardware on these cheap laptops, usually they have a weak amd apu or a ok intel cpu with weak integrated graphics. Personally I've noticed PC's that go with the Intel route didn't really have any improvements upgrading to Windows 10. I don't really understand why cheap Intel laptops charge more when they suck so bad graphics wise.

donwel2014d ago

I had 8/8.1 on my laptop until it installed 10 and I have to admit, it does seem to run better now than it did with 8 on it.
Not that it doesn't have its share of problems mind.

KingPin2014d ago

i dont understand why MS is pushing windows 10 down everyones throat.
see, heres the thing, its free. FREE!!!! now surely those that want it will grab it and those that dont, wont.

garrettbobbyferguson2014d ago

My guess is that they primarily want everyone on a unified "network" of OS. When I worked retail when Windows 8 was being pushed, it was a big thing that we had to explain to customers how simple it was to transition across their various devices because they unified their operating systems to all be very similar to each other. There are probably other reasons, but I wouldn't know those.

Sahil2014d ago

Get over yourselves and leave us alone.

Bathyj2014d ago

Total scumbag move by MS. My computer after months of saying we recommend you get W10 basically just said you're upgrading in 15 minutes. I closed the box like I always do but apparently MS changed the close button to mean yes from now so my computer upgraded by itself. I did not want to do this. Don't be tricked by this sneaky practise people. This should be illegal. MS don't own your computer, they have no right.

Psychotica2014d ago

They aren't touching your computer. They are altering the software that they own, that you only have a license to use

Speed-Racer2014d ago

This! Most people don't understand that aspect of it. You're buying a license to use their software, just like you buy a license to include music in a video etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.