Windows 8 Designer Offers Candid Explanation of Metro and Why Power Users Hate It

Maximum PC: To put it bluntly, "Metro is shit for power users." Those are the words of Jacob Miller, a UI designer for Windows 8 who lunged into a Reddit bash fest of Windows 8 that began with a discussion of how many licenses have been sold to date. To be clear, Miller's intent was not to pile on the Windows 8 hate, but to clarify why Metro exists. To do that, he wanted to start from common ground before going down the rabbit hole, hence his opening comment.

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kingPoS2793d ago

He summed it up perfectly, as something of a power user myself, I like to delve into menu options and tailor thing to my liking. Oversimplifying things can blunt the core functionality that many have come to rely on. Firefox vs Chrome if you will.