Has Windows 8 Failed in the Market, or Only in Your Mind?

Makeuseof - Has Windows 8 failed? People who dislike Windows 8 generally say it is. But has Windows 8 really failed in the marketplace, or do we just think Windows 8 has failed? We’ll try to look at some actual metrics and see whether Windows 8 has failed or not.

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abzdine2178d ago

Windows 8 sucks as much as xbox one

zeal0us2178d ago

Well its not doing as well as its predecessors. You know its bad when OEMs come out against it and pc sales decline. Part of the reason Windows 8 is where its at is because of the cheap upgrades MS was offering when it first came out.

WP8 finally just manage to surpass BB in market share in spite of the fact BB was going through some turmoil for almost a year before BB10 was introduced. Far as hardware goes WP8 will always be outdated compared to Android and iOS devices but that's mainly due to the fact that high-end hardware really wouldn't benefit WP8. Well the Nokia 920/925/928 still has the best camera on the market. A WP8 device with pureview is just around the corner.

mcstorm2178d ago

Windows 8 is a success. In fact alto of Ms products are doing well at the moment. They have Xbox windows phone office and more all selling well in some hard markets but just because they don't sell as many as some of other bits of software on the market people call it a flop.

If you look at the tablet market for example it is donated by apple. But Microsoft have managed to get 7.5% of the tablet market with limited tablets out there and in a short time.

The surface rt sold over 1 million in its 1st 3 months on the market. It was only available in a few markets and in one or 2 shops in each market yet the 1st android tablet the xoom only managed 200thousand sales in its 1st 12 months on the market and it could be bought in most markets and shops.

Its the same with windows phone and Nokia. The market is growing very well and each quarter is getting better and better.

The problem with the media and people now a days is of something dose not sell as well as the market leader or its last product it is a flop but people need to look into what's going on around it before saying its a flop. Look at the ps3 that was considered a flop when it came out but now it is selling well. The same was said about the 3ds and now the Wiiu and psv are getting the stick.

Not everything can be an over night success sometimes it takes time to get there and for me windows 8 will become a big success over the next 3 years in fact its already out sold chrome, osx and Linux in its time on the market but you don't see the media calling them a flop.

wishingW3L2178d ago

Windows 8 sucks and the only reason for its success it's because of the monopoly, because the truth is that people doesn't like it.

Tzuno2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

The interface killed the 8. Xp king.