Engadget - Acer Iconia W3 hands-on

Engadget - It looks like the promise of smaller Windows 8 tablets has been fulfilled, and Acer's revealed its plans for a smaller form factor. Yep, we heard word of (and even peeked at listings for) the 8-inch Iconia W3, but it's been unveiled in earnest here at Computex 2013, weighing just over a pound and measuring under half an inch thick. Acer's promising around eight hours of battery life, while that smaller screen can still beam out 720p video playback on its 1,280 x 800 display. Better still, Acer has added in a full version of Office free with the tablet which should go well with the optional full-size keyboard accessory (69 euros, around $90) -- one that apparently mirrors those found on Acer's 13-inch notebooks. On the tablet itself, there's front- and rear-facing two-megapixel cameras, plus connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0 and micro-USB.

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