Sorry, but bringing back the Start menu won't help Windows 8

ZDnet - There are plenty of legitimate concerns about the Windows 8 interface. But if you think the removal of the Start menu is the root cause of those problems, you're mistaken. See for yourself.

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-Mezzo-2186d ago

Though it will be nice to have it back.

MWH2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )


ChrisW2185d ago

I personally hate swiping the upper or lower right corner to get the options. Most of the time it takes me 2 or 3 tries to get it to pop out.

Overall, there are some nice things about Win8, but they aren't enough to get me to upgrade.

Nonetheless, Windows 9 will most definitely bring the Start Menu and ease of access back and everyone will be happy again... I hope!!!

Software_Lover2185d ago

..... But I thought this was the main complaint?

It's faster than windows 7 in just about every way. It has the regular desktop, just no start menu for the people who do not want to learn the gestures. You dont even have to use the metro app screen, unless you want to. My wife never uses hers. She goes straight to desktop.

What else should they do?

mcstorm2185d ago

Its just people being picky. We have setup 15 windows 8 pcs on different sites this year and not one customer has had an issue using the os after a quick show on how they should use it and we also pin all the apps they need to the start menu so they are not looking all over for it.

For me the new start menu is better than the old one on touch and none touch screen pc's as you can set it up how ever you want unlike the old start menu.

The only issue I have with the start menu is they should of included the smaller icons from the 1st windows 8 release as the middle size icons are not always needed esp on a none touch screen pc.

I have windows 8 on my work laptop and I also have a surface et and for me it has been the best os Microsoft have made in terms of load times, how stable it is and how good it works on both touch and none touch pc's.

Apple and Google are going to follow Microsoft with there os's as it makes more séance having one os fits all then 2 different os Systems.

proudly_X2185d ago

and we go again! More lame excuses

vanethe2185d ago

i didnt like win8 at first , but i got to experience it when i bought a laptop a month ago .

i thought i would change the OS to 7 when im free , by the time i got some free time i was already used to it and i actually learned more shortcuts and commands for windows when i used it .

DivineHand1252185d ago

The problem is the management at Microsoft. They see thousands of people hating on windows 8 for not having the start button and not one of them was smart enough to bring back the start button to windows before launch. They think the guys who complain on the internet are the minority but who do they think the non PC guys go to for advice before upgrading. One of the things that gets on my nerves about that company in the recent years is that they don't think their audience is smart enough to look for alternatives if they see something they don't like.

The days of people complaining about products then buying it anyways are long gone Microsoft wake up!

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