AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series Codenamed "Solar System," To Debut at CES

TechPowerUP: It was high time AMD updated its tiny entry-thru-mid GPU silicons to the new 28 nm fab process, Graphics CoreNext micro-architecture, and make them truly Windows 8-ready with DirectX 11.1 support. What better way to do those by giving them as big a launchpad as Radeon HD 8000M series branding, and a gala launch at the 2013 International CES?

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deadfrag2184d ago

Nvidia will report prontly to this and AMD will suck the finger again!Then they will have to come with the 9000 universe edition most likely!AMD dont learn and will bankrupt faster than i think!

dexus2184d ago

Well, the 8000 series won't be that great but won't be bad.
nVidia will have probably the best cards yet this next season.