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The Verge | Windows 8 Release Preview (hands-on)

The Verge: Two months after unleashing Windows 8 upon the world, Microsoft's back with the latest step toward the release of the company's next operating system: the Windows 8 Release Preview. The new version was supposed to be released the first week in June, but Microsoft is apparently ahead of its development schedule — though that hasn't stopped the leaks from coming fast and furious.

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fatstarr3405d ago

they make windows 8 look cooler than it is. Great review. cant wait to put this on my side rig.

mcstorm3404d ago

I cant wait to get this installed tonight. Im using the beta from early in the year and I really like the way MS are going with the new metro UI. Works amazing on my Windows Phone and on the 360 and now with the final touches being added to Windows 8 I think MS are on for a winner.

Lazyeye793404d ago

From the looks of it, it seems that it will be that metro UI focused and that pretty much sucks. I most likely will be sticking with windows 7.

mcstorm3404d ago

Metro is the new Microsoft look but the Old programs you have on your windows 7 pc will still work. I have been using Windows 8 preview for a few months now and once you get your head around where everything is it is better and a lot easier to use than Windows 7 IMO. Give it a try you never know you may like it as if you don't try you will never know.

wishingW3L3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

doesn't it bothers you that it looks so simplistic and ugly? Because I love simple stuff but the Metro UI has so many colors that it looks like a fisher price toy. And I don't think I will ever bother buying an app, let alone using one. So for me the Metro UI would be a total hassle, being forced to keep bouncing between UI's because they made certain settings only available on the Metro....

And I see they even removed the transparencies now. I didn't like them on Vista but it looked so good on Win7. ;_;

ZeroX98763404d ago

the home user experience will be great, but I'm working in an accounting firm and I hope there`s a classic mode or something like it. If someone can give me an answer on this, put a comment!

mcstorm3402d ago

OIts all about choice at the end of the day. I dont like the look of ios but alot of people do.

I like the look of windows 8 but it wont be for everyone.

The app store will not just be for apps like on ios and android it will have full programs in there too like office autocad photo shop ect.

As for using it in a business im using mine for work at the moment and it works very well just put all your useds programs on the start screen and there you go you just click on it and it opens your program and if you want to find a program you use the search.

Im not trying to say people who dont like windows 8 are wrong because again its all about choices but for me i really like it and i will be upgrading my laptop and replaceing my xoom with a windows 8 tablet.

Revvin3404d ago

I think I'll give Windows 8 a miss. I didn't like the last preview release, I think the metro UI is awful, it looks like a nursery school noticeboard. Microsoft seem to release one good OS and one bad, I'm going to guess this time its their bad turn, Win95 - Good, Win 98 - bad, Win 98 SE - good, Win ME - an abortion!!!!!!!, Win XP - good, Windows Vista - ARRRGGHHH!!!! Windows 7 - good, Windows 8 - ????