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Read it again. Sleeper cell lol I said you are either ignorant or a Russian troll you have to pick one. So I guess ignorance it is. I know what Net Neutrality is, so ergo in no way shape or form am I a hypocrite. I get it though, you'd burn your house down and sell your grandmother down the river if it mean offending ' teh libruls.'

Says they want a free and open intent, hands the keys over to his corporate masters. What an idiot. Excuse me 'toadie' lol ...

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Sorry S2 dont give me that both side nonsense. One party is for net neutrality the other against. I'm with the side that is for upholding a free and open internet. If it means republicans changing their outlook and doing what is right, by all means. As it stands now many are quiet on the issue. And hopefully voters will remember this.

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Laugh at yourself you moron. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Pick one - you know nothing of net neutrality and what is at stake or you are some Russian troll stirring the pot for Putin. Ironically with your preferred internet sans net neutrality (sans means without btw) we would only be able to access and see whatever 'master' wants us to. So much for free and open! Again its laughable how moronic you are.

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Oh no doubt. As cynical as I may sound I still have a shred of hope. NY's attorney general is already suing over this. 'They' (the ISP's) have already lost twice when this was brought to court. Our hope is for this to be mired in the courts for the next few years. Vote out the plutocrats in the meantime, neuter the Orange one's presidency and restore the internet when a 'D' takes office. Thats pretty much it.

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Elections have consequences. This is what happens when a moron becomes president. 80% of Americans were in favor of keeping Net Neutrality. Despite the protests, pleas, massive amounts of comments, it was all ignored. I hope this gets ripped to shreds in the courts and congress (yeah right). Thats the last hope. This was not representative of the American people in any way shape or form. RIP to the free internet.

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@Ravinash tax reform can be fixed. If this (end of net neutrality passes) it will be damn near hard to put the lid back on Pandora's box. Lets press the issue at hand. Why is a president who markets himself as an outsider, for the people, pro free speech, anti PC etc etc ok with dismantling a free, fair, and open internet in exchange for gate keeping, and corporate control? How is this a good thing? ISP's provide nothing more than access to the internet, why is he going to allow them ...

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I know this might be hard for you to grasp... But the politician in question is a conservative. Shocking I know. And I mean lets not forget that the end of net neutrality is basically upon us. And thats a giant middle finger to free and fair speech online. Dont let that get that get in the way of your narrative though...

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Drain the swamp. Right?

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That doesn't even need to be said. If you have been on these sites long enough the stories that are hot ie the ones that the N4G crowd see are always chock full of moronic comments, every time.

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I was a stalwart Fire Fox user until the browser became nearly unusable for using YouTube. Then I switched to Chrome.

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Are you daft or something? Literally the entire world is on board with this issue. Even the countries you named, even crazy ass North Korea signed off on it. Try actually doing a bit of research before you vomit all over the comment section. Thanks!

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Slick looking watches but i've never gotten into the whole fitness tracker phase.

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Well this is why YouTube created the YouTube Kids app. The standard algorithm is drunk on a good day. I could be watching some basketball clips and then YouTube just suggests the strangest things.

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Kind of sad that you have to now go through all these hoops and ladders to just have the illusion of online privacy. Imagine what the web will be like in 10 years in regards to privacy.

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Yeah it should have never counted towards the total in the first place. Good thing it was done away with!

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The 1080 will no doubt future proof you for quite some time. Still though 4k for a laptop is a bit crazy.

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Vizio really delivers with their tv's. I've had 2 and have never had a problem with either.

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Thats where the Shadow Broker is!

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Its funny you'd imagine that R&D for these phone batteries would be 'top priority extend battery life'. At Samsung its more like 'make sure it doesn't catch fire.'

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Yeah no thanks. I already had lasik and that was scary enough.

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