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Home Weekly Update: Watch Free Full-Length Movies with Crackle

PlayStation Home underwent a pretty major overhaul this month, but the new features are still rolling out. Sony's just added Crackle to the offering as well.

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Sony PlayStation network is down for everyone except Sony

Are you having trouble accessing Sony’s Playstation Network? Well, you’re not the only one. Users have been confirming that they cannot access the store or any of the networks other feature.

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Karma bites The Lizard Squad; youths arrested

The hackers that claimed to be responsible for the attacks on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network over the holidays were arrested today.

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KnowTechie3254d ago

You can never escape the fate of karma.

hay3253d ago

Well obviously. Dotcom gave them Mega keys, the very moment they redeem it, they are in for the jailhouse rock.

Devil-X3253d ago

This is insane.. they should be freed. Hacking needs to be promoted.. if you keep doing this next thing you know your Country is left with no hacking talent and countries like North "C"orea will keep attacking or hacking your stuff.

KingPin3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

how about hacking and privately contacting the company to report every fault with their systems. maybe make a few videos to document step by step how they got in. MS and sony are multi-billion dollar companies, surely the hacker would be compensated for fairly in return.

disrupting everyones gaming experience is just selfish and childish.

its like you buy a car that has a brand with defective tyres and instead of going privately to tell the company not to use those tyres, or clearly show them in what way they are defective or recall cars that have those tyres, you go around personally stealing everyones wheels instead.

my reaction to this news

ChrisW3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Corea is an archaic spelling for Korea -- circa Marco Polo times.

If you really want to be culturally correct, the name its citizens call it is "Hanguk" for the South and "Chosŏn" for the North.

Speed-Racer3253d ago

@Devil-X - I bet if your credit card info had been leaked, you'd be saying the complete opposite.

Devil-X3253d ago

I still wouldn't care since I have two step authentication enabled on my card so nobody can use my card without having access to my phone as well. VISA!

Speed-Racer3253d ago

@Devil - Two step isn't offered with all VISA cards. Some banks don't have the facilities set up and it's still a new piece of tech to the credit card industry, so that argument can't stand for now.

Devil-X3253d ago

Chill out guys and have some beer. I made this provocative comment only to encourage some comments from you time just spit it out, don't let your thoughts die in your head..just spit em out. We need more coments here at techspy to encourage interaction and to build a community worthy of giving n4g some real competition.

Freeball3253d ago

Speech without thought; that's a GREAT idea.

Please note the copious amounts of sarcasm in my tone.

Devil-X3253d ago Show
ajax173253d ago

They're a DDoS group, they're not hackers.

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jXales3253d ago

Ddos'ing a gamling network for "Lulz" isnt exactly white hat material. Neither is selling destructive Services.

ChrisW3253d ago

Don't give them a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for their expertise!!!

Throw them in solitary confinement and weld the door shut!

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Was the attack on Xbox Live and Playstation Network all a publicity stunt?

The attacks on the online game console services Xbox Live and Playstation Network that started Christmas day and reverberated for days thereafter may have been a marketing ploy by the group behind the attacks. Lizard Squad has announced that the software it used to bring the services down is now "up for sale", effectively allowing anybody the opportunity to attack other services and websites.

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JamshiJack3256d ago

can't blame if somebody thinks so because that certainly makes sense.

3255d ago
thorstein3255d ago

If Lizard Squad is so stupid to think that other people will pay for something that most people can get for free... I guess they are even stupider than I thought.

Publicity? To sell the software? Can you earn money from jail?