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Has PSN surpassed Xbox Live?

Analog Addiction - To answer the title with no suspense


I am not saying this as a Sony fanboy, or a Nintendo fanboy, or a PC-lover. It’s just it is time to face the reality of Xbox Live: It’s over. Blame PSN and especially blame PS Plus. Funny… Sony has done something right for a change regarding it’s internet game (as Playstation Home users nod oh wait…there aren’t any!). From being ridiculed by different developers, to it’s Vita (let’s hope that succeeds) Sony hasn’t exactly been racking on the A+ side of their own ideas. Let’s not shut down on Xbox either, which is in more homes than the PS3, even with Sony’s great PS3 sale numbers (which are consistently rising); the Xbox started the storm for home-console online multiplayer.

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-Mezzo-2053d ago

To answer the title with no suspense


Software_Lover2052d ago

I still love the uniformity of xbox live. You know what you're getting with every online game. I still love the free games that come with ps+.