ECS leads as a North Star with some new all-in-one HTPC chassis

If you're looking to be led to your "new digital life as a North Star", then look no further than ECS' newly announced all-in-one barebones HTPC the G11 with the ID2 chassis.

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ECS Denies Rumored Plans to Ditch Own Brand Motherboards

Maximum PC: Don't go bidding farewell to ECS in the branded DIY motherboard business just yet. After catching wind of yesterday's rumor claiming that ECS decided to stop pushing its own brand mobos in favor of building solutions for ODM and OEM partners, company president Sunny Yang sent a letter to the press calling the rumor "untrue."

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ECS to quit own-brand DIY motherboard business, say Taiwan makers

Maximum PC: Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has announced that it will no longer actively market own-brand DIY motherboards but will undertake ODM/OEM production if clients have demand, and this is the equivalent of a gradual withdrawal from the global own-brand DIY motherboard market, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.

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ThePCEnthusiast - ECS Z97-Machine Motherboard Review

ThePCEnthusiast.com: "Nowadays, there are lots of Z97 motherboards to choose from. They come in different design, colors scheme, set of features and varying prices. Today we are going to review one of ECS’ gaming motherboard – the ECS Z97-Machine that falls under their L337 Gaming category and from their GANK Machine series. The Z97-Machine is basically a simple gaming motherboard that comes with a decent set of features, enough to get you started. This is actually the first ECS motherboard that went into my test bench and this will be my first experience using an ECS motherboard. I was supposed to publish this review a couple of months ago, but I decided to test the motherboard further just to make sure that it won’t suddenly die during normal day to day operation. This motherboard is basically geared towards budget PC gamers or system builders who are looking for a cost-effective solution."

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looks pretty bad ass, might get this one