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OpenELEC HTPC Build | XBMC Media Center on the Cheap

TechNutz: Are you looking for an affordable diy HTPC solution to play your media on your big screen from a NAS or external hard drive? Already have an HTPC on your main television, but want one in your bedroom? If you answered yes to either of the two questions then this build is for you. The parts guide I will share is intended to help you build an OpenELEC HTPC that runs XBMC without a hitch. The components do not have to be really expensive or powerful to give you a great HTPC experience. I assembled the hardware, installed, and configured the OS for my OpenELEC HTPC build in about an hour and a half. So read on and let’s discuss the how’s and why’s (or vice versa) for building an OpenELEC based HTPC.

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