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An Affordable DIY NAS Build 2013 | FreeNAS Edition

TechNutz: I have previously written an article on a great DIY NAS build and wanted to see what I could do with a lower budget while still maintaining performance. The initial cost of a Synology DiskStation DS412+ without any disks comes in around $625. In my mind this is not affordable, with a little DIY sweat equity, one could easily match or best the performance of this box. The money saved on hardware can be put toward the purchase of disks for the array and you can actually configure a useable storage pool for less than the cost of the DS412+ alone. This build is geared toward using FreeNAS to handle OS duties and I can highly recommend it for ease of use and great community. So let’s recap the key features one needs to consider when building their own DIY NAS.

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