What Actually Goes On In Your Microwave? Find Out In This Insane Video

CrunchGear: We all have microwaves, and we all use them from time to time, and we all are baffled now and again by how one spot on the nachos can be practically vaporizing while another is as cold as death. This video shows a little bit of what’s going on in there, and it’s not just a bunch of wavy lines, the way I usually see microwaves explained.

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michass84334d ago

there is a real thunder storm if you forget about your fork and put it in with your meal... do not try it in home :D

fatstarr4333d ago

thats pretty cool it would be a nice science experiment for the science fair. sometimes i wish i was in middle school

TheColbertinator4333d ago

The things people do when they are bored... -_-