Developer Hacks His Microwave Into The Microwave Of The Future

TechCrunch: Tired of your dumb old microwave that just shoots friggin’ radio waves at food to cook it? Stupid thing probably can’t even play animated GIFs or send Snapchats or download the Fergie. What’s the point?

In the coolest mod I’ve seen in ages, developer Nathan Broadbent has hacked away at his microwave to add stuff that any self-respecting microwave manufacturer of the year 2013 should have probably added themselves. Voice commands! Barcodes that pre-set cooking times! A SELF SETTING CLOCK.

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In2iti0n3366d ago

Let me know when you can download food... Now THAT would be awesome!

Nucky3365d ago

Ok, now this is cool! Even though not so useful, still, it's pretty cool.

In2iti0n3365d ago

Useless things are always cool! It's the law of the nature.