Raspberry Picrowave: Using a Raspberry Pi to cook a raspberry pie

ExtremeTech: Just last night, I found myself staring dumbfounded at my microwave, wondering what all of those damned buttons do. We’ve all been there. Do those straight lines represent plates? Are those wavy lines a strip of bacon, or something else entirely? What’s the difference between one ice cube and two? (And why are there ice cubes on my microwave?) Is that chicken icon for cooking chicken, or just meat in general? My microwave has more than 30 buttons, and yet once I (eventually) found the “immediately start cooking for one minute” button, it’s the only one I use. The fact is, microwaves are well known for their truly awful interfaces — and that’s why hardware hacker Nathan Broadbent has created a microwave, powered by a Raspberry Pi computer, that allows for voice control, smartphone/tablet control, and automatic cooking by scanning a product’s barcode

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