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Still running Windows 8? Time to upgrade, or else

Windows 8 is only three years old, so with Microsoft's 10-year support policy, one might assume it's eligible for security updates for many years. But thanks to a quirk in that support lifecycle, the clock runs out in a matter of days. If you're still running Windows 8, it's time to upgrade.

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Stringerbell1947d ago

BS. So many installations are still running XP, I think the Navy is still using it till 2017 or something point is there was no problem supporting these older iterations but now out of the blue they want to drop 8 like a bad habit.

Revvin1945d ago

Its an odd decision although I hated Windows 8 and couldn't wait to get rid of it on the laptop I use for work. I took the plunge and found that I really liked it. In the past I have tried the test versions of Windows in the run up to release but never bothered with Windows 10. I was that impressed with it I decided to do mine and my wife's desktop gaming PC's which ran Windows 7. I thought I'd cling to Windows 7 for as long as possible with it being the last of the old style desktop interface but I like the way I can arrange my start menu in Windows 10 and it seems pretty lean on resources too. To be honest if you're on Windows 8 now I see no point in hanging on to it. You can still have the same interface as Windows 8 by opting to have a full screen start menu in Windows 10 if you wish.

Stringerbell1945d ago

The only reason I'm still on 8 as childish as it may sound is dual shock 4 compatibility. From what I've heard its very finicky on 10 whereas using input mapper, its flawless. Stupid reason but thats pretty much it.

sonicwrecks1945d ago

Despite all the hatred for Windows 8 if you do use it and you're happy with it there's certainly no need to rush on to Windows 10 just because Microsoft want you to. There'll come a point where their passive-aggressive/outright aggressive messaging will bite them in the ass.