Windows 10 upgrade notifications will stop trying to trick you

MWEB GameZone writes: "Microsoft has taken customer feedback into account and is changing the Windows 10 upgrade experience."

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HanCilliers843d ago

People should upgrade to W10, don't get why they wouldn't want it.

KingPin843d ago

some professional software isnt compatible with windows 10 yet throwing unknown errors and constant issues.

and then theres the spying software that some people are not to keen about. forced updates for home users (WGA anyone?)
some devices dont work with 10. printers and peripherals.

on a personal note: i've upgraded to 10.....but linux mint is my default OS.

annoyedgamer843d ago

Or maybe Microshaft should stop using malware to push their spyware service? Win 10 is horrendous ( I have used it). It has few benefits over Windows 8 and even less over 7.

Grap842d ago

"Win 10 is horrendous"
by that statement i know you haven't fully used it.
I get people who don't use it for spyware service reasons and i sympathies with them, but in no way of shape or form W10 is less than W8 or even 7, MS really outdo them selves with W10 and if it weren't of their spyware service i would say it's even better than XP.

TXIDarkAvenger842d ago (Edited 825d ago )

I would have agreed before but because they force updates it breaks some of my programs and there is nothing I can really do about it.

xXx1990842d ago

lol this is great.. You guys act like Microsoft just started spying on people.. This has been going on for years