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Satisfied with your cable, Internet service? Not so much, poll shows

Customer satisfaction with providers of pay TV, Internet and wireless access has hit its lowest level in seven years, according to a new survey.


Blocked Websites could lead to 42 million Brits switching internet providers

New research by MoneySuperMarket reveals that nearly two-thirds of Brits (64 per cent) would consider switching internet service provider (ISP) if they limited access to websites, with nearly six million trying to access a blocked site in the last week alone.

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Spartacus101879d ago

They're going to need a VPN regardless of which ISP they go with after the EU force Article 13 on us.
Hopefully we will leave with no deal before then.


4K Gaming & Fair-Usage Broadband, Something's Gotta Give

Crafty ISPs may be getting a larger pound of flesh from tomorrow's larger file sizes...

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Cobra9512227d ago

4K is a monumental waste of resources, and internet usage is no exception. Technology lags behind the 4X jump in resolution, which started out as a way to coax consumers to dump all their TVs and buy new ones. It stresses all the links in the chain. Eventually, we'll be able to deal with it in stride (though by then, I imagine they'll be pushing 8K or ridiculo-similar on us). For now, 1080p does just fine for me. Easier on everything from my gaming hardware to my wait times.


6 obvious reasons why you should replace your ISP’s router

Your ISP may give you an excellent router. The fact remains, however, that you are shelling out money to rent it.

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