Goodbye, net neutrality—Ajit Pai’s FCC votes to allow blocking and throttling

But pro-net neutrality groups will sue FCC to reinstate consumer protections.

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Stringerbell2182d ago

Elections have consequences. This is what happens when a moron becomes president. 80% of Americans were in favor of keeping Net Neutrality. Despite the protests, pleas, massive amounts of comments, it was all ignored. I hope this gets ripped to shreds in the courts and congress (yeah right). Thats the last hope. This was not representative of the American people in any way shape or form. RIP to the free internet.

DaNineTwo2182d ago

Well said. All I know is that come mid-term elections, things will be different.

Stringerbell2182d ago

Oh no doubt. As cynical as I may sound I still have a shred of hope. NY's attorney general is already suing over this. 'They' (the ISP's) have already lost twice when this was brought to court. Our hope is for this to be mired in the courts for the next few years. Vote out the plutocrats in the meantime, neuter the Orange one's presidency and restore the internet when a 'D' takes office. Thats pretty much it.

S2Killinit2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

As much as I agree, PLEASE PLEASE do NOT politicize this!
The ISP’s are already working on finding ways to pitch this to conservatives so that the conservatives would do the fighting for them. You blaming Trump for this will play right into ISP’s hands.

We need to be UNITED against this, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, IT DOSNT MATTER. They are screwing us all. We need to show these greedy ISPs that they cant do this to us.

Access to an open internet is a right! ISPs are providing a utility. We cant let them escape that truth.

KingPin2181d ago

the best hope would be taking this to a constitutional court and go along the lines of blocking freedom of speech in the media to an extent. which would hold some weight.

but everyone on top is all in it together so good-fkn-luck with that.

Cobra9512181d ago

No, that's a good, hopeful outlook. Everyone on top is not for this at all. There are plenty of generally conservative people with power who have supported and will continue to support a free and open internet.

Cobra9512181d ago

Allow me to remind you of two things: (1) We can't elect our governments a la carte. We're forced to take one whole package or the other. There are issues much more important than net neutrality that take precedence when voting. The other package would have preserved net neutrality (probably), but would have fostered the growth of identity politics and other leftist agendas. (2) The president didn't do this. This was the act of one corporate shill with too much power. And the fight is not over. The lawsuits and Congressional wrangling now begin. Yes, the midterm elections are coming too. Democracy may yet see some real action.

dantesparda2181d ago

The act of one corporate shill?! Yet it was all the "righties" that voted against net neutrality The president didnt do this? Yeah, ok, what nonsense! Who made him the commissioner of the FCC? "Leftist"? Oh thats right, a rightwinger called Trump did and did he do anything to try and stop him? Nope, not a word, not a peep. And who tried to stop him? Oh thats right, the so called 2 "leftists" members on the panel, along with a whole host of "leftist" all over the internet and congress. Who was supporting this? Oh that's right the super far right wing, Fox News was. So keep on complaining about "leftist" and "identity" politics when this is what the right is doing. And get your facts right.

And let me get this right, so the left engages in identity politics, yet the right being pro white supremacy isnt? Hmmm, hmmmmmm.
And p.s. leftist isnt the same thing as a left winger aka the left, look it up so you dont look ignorant.

S2Killinit2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Net neutrality is about as important as it gets. I dont think you know whats at stake here.

To both:
Also, stop talking about the election. We need to be united on this. Regardless of who you voted on.

Stringerbell2180d ago

Sorry S2 dont give me that both side nonsense. One party is for net neutrality the other against. I'm with the side that is for upholding a free and open internet. If it means republicans changing their outlook and doing what is right, by all means. As it stands now many are quiet on the issue. And hopefully voters will remember this.

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Speed-Racer2182d ago

The land of the free, where a few ignore the views of the many for $$$

ravinash2181d ago

Land of the free, where some are more free than others.

Cobra9512181d ago

Yes, that's the most intolerable shame. The whole comments thing was a pure sham, a way to keep the general public docile until the last minute.

bluefox7552181d ago

You know what else is allowed? Even UNDER Net Neutrality? Price increases. ISPs could simply double their prices across the board. Wonder why they aren't doing that right now? What is stopping them? Why would they bother with blocking, throttling, or other unpopular acts when they could simply enact a far more lucrative one? Why isn't the angry mob demanding that an unelected, unaccountable government agency swoop in and protect us from this possibility? Pure fear mongering.

ravinash2181d ago

Probably because the ISPs can create partnerships with other companies and divert the traffic to those partners would be far more profitable than just raising the price.
Then when these customer complain that their access is being blocked from the non partner services... "hay, your not blocked, you just not on the right price plan", give us more money and then you can access these other services.

Nitrowolf22181d ago

Because they already are. Sure not everyone gets it, but cable internet companies have a long history of f'ing customers.

The way I see it now, this reason here gives them a justification as to why your bill increase and is different month per month that many already run into

jerethdagryphon2181d ago

Its why cable is dieing in the stztes. The groups hardest hit by this will be youtube creaters and gamers .gzmers already pony up 2cor more times to play there games

S2Killinit2181d ago

Partly because they rather get the money from other companies who then charge you more. That way ISP’s get their profits and you pay up without knowing how much of your money is actually going to the ISP. ISP saves face, you get screwed, and pay more for netflix.

WelkinCole2181d ago

If they are not afraid of ISP's throttling bandwidth and create paid fast lanes. Why not just leave the rules there regardless to have legislation to deal with it if they do?

It seems to me that what they want really is to give more power to these mega corporations when they already have too much power.

I guess the innovation they are talking about is really innovation on how to nickel and dime consumers more.

ravinash2181d ago

Ask a customer what innovation is and they will tell you - it's new services and good ideas to make life easier.
Ask a corporate boss what innovation is and he will tell you - It ways of making more money from the same number of customers.

WelkinCole2181d ago

Which is logical and why these rules are logical. Its crazy how they say to just trust the ISP to do the right thing for consumers. Already on my phone they blocked certain communication apps and allow others and I am starting to see specific data bundles for specific apps as well like facebook data bundles for example. This is the innovation corporate bosses loves I am sure.

s45gr322181d ago

I should of done something about it. God I hate myself for not doing anything to keep net neutrality 😕😿

Cobra9512181d ago

Don't feel bad. There's absolutely nothing you could have done. This was going to happen from the moment it was first proposed by that social pariah. Commenting at the FCC site, donating money, becoming a personal activist--none of it mattered. The vast majority of responders wanted to keep net neutrality, and it made no difference. Even "the father of the internet" could not prevent this travesty.

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