US senate votes to let ISPs sell your web browsing history to advertisers

ISP now stands for "invading subscriber privacy," Democratic senator says.

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Stringerbell2447d ago

Get a VPN now, its the American way. Or at least until those services suddenly become against the law.

annoyedgamer2447d ago

Wouldnt be surprised if they go after VPNs considering how the NSA will have trouble monitoring it.

annoyedgamer2447d ago

Redefining the term "sellout".

justy1122446d ago

this really doesn't matter, Face Book, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and More, Already sell your Info to Advertisers. it's in their Terms of Service, "to be able to collect your browser information so they can make your experience better". Microsoft does this through their products like Xbox, Windows 10 devices and a few others, all have ads specificity for you from what web pages you visited or what you were doing on your computer. Google and Facebook both have trackers and data bases gathering large quantities of user inputs and web pages visited or searched. they all been doing this with the ISP's and IP address Trackers, the only difference now is they don't have to hide. you just have to be smart while browsering the Inter webs or doing anything on your own computer.

2pacalypsenow2446d ago

I always laugh when people post memes on FB criticizing the lack of privacy.


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