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Why isn't this guy banned yet?

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What regimes around the world do is not your problem. Please, do not make outside issues your problem. Are you an American? If yes, well, your actions are not surprising.

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Dude calm down, you have been tricked to think like a mad man lol.

Not every smartphone requires a quad core processor and 2 or 3GB of RAM. Windows Phone and iOS are efficient operating systems, which means performance will be great on just 1GB of RAM and a dual core processor. If a smartphone performs at optimal with 1GB RAM and a dual core processor, why bump the specs?

Furthermore, an 8MP camera is more than enough. Apple's 8MP cameras have always been...

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Please the powers that be, let this happen. I've already removed from my life several Google services, YouTube is the last one.

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Pretty awesome how a smartphone or tablet can be used to shape-shift this car :D

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These phones were the ones that signifies what Nokia was about. Too bad the company is all but dead now.

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This probably won't end well for someone.

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This doesn't look like a good idea.

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There is something totally wrong with this review. First of all, it appears old as the cons include 24hr check-ins, used games problems etc. These issues are no longer a problem, so tell me, how does this garbage got passed to be on Techspy?

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While I do love paying video games, I do not associate myself with the gaming community at large. The complete immaturity, stupidty and the need to feel special is mind boggling to say the least.

There is nothing wrong with the Xbox One focusing heavily on other aspects other than games. Those who have a problem are just deranged fanboys, and believe me, these type of fanboys are the most idiotic on the Internet.

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The IGN score makes more sense. Anyone angry over it should be deemed a fanboy.

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This company no longer have my faith.

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you're one of those guys who didn't watch Reading Rainbow as a child, right? Take a look, it's in a book, a Reading Rainbow.

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I find these memes to be nonsense mostly.

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Didn't neeeded to say a thing. He has his reasons for sticking with his PC, folks who buy Apple have their own reasons for doing so. What do you say to the former PC users who switched over? They did it for a reason.

Now, I'm no fan of Apple products, but one can't disregard every Apple fan for liking what they like and are willing to pay the premium to get it. Millions of consumers can't be purchasing Apple products blindly without a reason, he might not be a...

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Would you be able to find jobs for the workers?

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Speaking of fanboyism when you're a fanboy yourself.

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That's why people care, because they know nothing about photography. The average cellphone user doesn't know jack crap.

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Was it necessary to spoil the ending of the game?

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Was just a bit of humor.

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