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Pretty sure that is illegal unless it's a colab with Samsung.

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Actually I did when building mine Why would no one research different store pricing.

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At least they are trying. You sound like an Apple fanboy upset you still rock old tech.

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BS. That's impossible that Iphone out sells ALL Android manufacturers.

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Nothing more than an attention grab. Shes basically planking

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Can you say you're an idiot? Ubersalyer Hahaha. Bike sharing is great in frisco to go 2 miles and that's it. There are too many hills for bikes. Also it won't work in LA because you'll be killed by the crazy drivers. Most people use UBER for longer distances. Also can you imagine drunk riding? UBER is safe.

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That headline is all jacked up. How about computers worth $58k and not "computers with killer usb stick of worth $58k" .....Huh?

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The reviewers for the most part were Apple fanboys. 1 phone was completely scratched up, dinged and damaged. Wonder how the screen stopped working. And who damages a phone that bad in less than 24hrs. The others removed the film. And another with the bulge in the screen they admitted to putting clay on the back which got into the hinge. Now why haven't the 6 or more phones from Unbox Therapy broken?

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$500 is still not cheap. Also had to use 3D studio to create the model and even more. So unless someone is very tech savvy and is that desperate to get my photos and text, i think S10 owners are safe. And FaceID was fooled by a mask.

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The author needs to fix his click bait headline. No a 3D print did not fool it. A very detailed, high end process with expensive printers and creating raised ridges fooled it. Not the average 3D printer form Best Buy.

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Actually no you cant. You need to update Bixby voice to 2.0 and you cannot. No update for Note 8. The Verge made same claim and cant prove it. Maybe only S9

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Not smart. Only can be charged with wireless charging means you need that in any car you are in or have to carry a charge pad, find a plug, set your phone down and wait. No thanks.

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That's a pretty stupid comparison. You cant say this headset beats HTC and leave it at that. No shit. Its $10,000!!! It better beat it.

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Another Apple fan talking trash. Where was the article about the $1500 Iphone Xs Max 512GB saying it cost as much as a good 4k tv or a cheap used car? Apple will copy this and people will praise it.

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It's exactly what it's supposed to be. Wow another moronic iFan comparing everything to Apple. Amazon released something similar to this. I bet when Apple releases the exact same thing to compliment their Home Pod you are going to fucking flip and praise that shit. Why are morons allowed to write articles? What you should of said in your article is how due to 1 or more of these you don't understand this product: too old, poor, not tech savvy and/or think Apple is only company crea...

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The Intersect is real!

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We do pay....a lot! The way things are heading is not consumer friendly. Most like me already pay for traditional Cable/Satellite and streaming services. But now each network is trying to release their own service for a monthly fee. Netflix is $10 a month and has a lot of shows and movies. Yet WB or CBS want to charge $5 - 8 for their own service which has 5 shows? The consumer is getting screwed in the end not the network. In total i pay $165 a month for TV and Streaming services. Yet i stil...

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I pay for Directv $130 a month plus Netflix HD, Hulu Commercial Free w/ HBO and Amazon Prime. I still use Terrarium for things i can't find on those platforms i pay a pretty penny for. For example Star Trek Discovery. I already pay for a lot of streaming services and Satellite. Why the hell should i have to pay another $5 - $8 for a certain stations service? It should be free for cable/satellite subscribers.The problem with Cable/Satellite is if you didn't watch the show as it aired, ...

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There is no way it comes to .42 cents. You can't include wear and tear when you chose to be a driver. Friends who drive for Uber and Lyft make $1000 a week driving 5 days. After taxes and fuel around $600 or so. Not bad for being your own boss.

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That's the most stupid thing i have ever heard. If the iphone was not allowed to be bought on payments then yes maybe. But since all phones are on payment plans even the "poor" have iphones.

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