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Anyone have an iPhone 6? I have iOS8 on my iPhone 4S, and this update has given me so much problems everyday since it released.

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Do both models get Sapphire screens? I thought they were unscratchable?

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Have had a 4S for a little over 2 years now. Like Spongebob said, "I'm ready, I'm ready!"

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I think I might get this next month. My iPhone 4S is over two years old. There's scratches everywhere, dents from falling onto concrete and rocks and stuff, and I get an occasional graphical glitch. It's still working really well, but I think it's time.

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For the fixed sites, do I still have to change my password? I should just change my password regardless, but just asking for clarification.

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Replace IE with something better on Xbox 360 then.

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Do smartphones get viruses and malware? I constantly use my iPhone 4S to search educational sites concerning "human breeding", and I don't see anything wrong with it.

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I gotta ask, what's the purpose of back pockets? Wouldn't it just be safer to put it inside your side pocket, where your arm swings when walking so no one else could grab it? Plus, they're bigger, so you can put more stuff in it.

*note: I've never ever used my back pockets before.

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For me, yeah. It was possible to not even notice his name. I barely use Facebook and Twitter, and have NEVER visited TMZ or wherever these kind of news are reported. I only try to look up celebrities when they're doing a movie or TV show that I find interesting. Only commented on this because I'm already on N4G, and I previously thought this was stupid article. However, now that I've heard of what he's done, maybe he should be punished for doing so horrible.

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Unholy heck, really? Jeez, fame REALLY went through his head then.

Well then, I'm sorry. I haven't been following celebrity. In fact, I don't even visit Yahoo news or whatever. I personally don't give a hoot about these celebrities, and the only time I look for news about them is if they're on a movie that seems fascinating. The fact that I've previously said I don't follow music news, and don't really like non-gaming music, is even more reaso...

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For goodness sake, why are people petitioning for this? Sure, I don't like him. I didn't mind him before, but now that fame has gotten to his head and started acting and looking all douche-y, I've started hating him more. BUT that's not enough to make me want him get deported. What has he done to deserve this? Has he done a crime? Last time I remember, making horrible music was NOT a crime.

Please, someone tell me what this kid did to deserve so much hate, th...

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Yes, he did. BUT he still calls it a "gift from God". The Internet is able to do things that the Church can. People can use the Internet to set up fundraisers, charity drives, have social networks that help friends and families hundreds of miles away from each other to easily communicate, etc. Isn't that what the church wants? To make us all devote our own time and money to do good of the community, and to give advice and comments on how to live better? Isn't that what God a...

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No it didn't. God didn't magically create the Internet. It took years and years and lots of smart and ambitious people to create the Internet we have now. God had no hand in helping the Internet become what it is today.

It's called science. Something that, in the past, was deemed as unholy, demonic, etc to the Church. Heck, it was even labeled as witchcraft, and people were burned for it.

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I've been wanting to replace my iPhone 4S. Been wanting an Xperia Z for quite a while now. Now that the Z1 has been announced, I really want it. Too bad I can't replace my phone until around June.

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Porn is free. Jenna Jameson is a pornstar. Hacking services to grab the finest personal and confidential informations of a person, and giving those info to another person is illegal.

There is no need to get yourself in trouble. You can already see her nude FOR FREE RIGHT NOW, in both pictures and video form.

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Well, that makes the kid infinitely more successful than me now. I feel sad... I'm just gonna go stuff my face with big ol' triple deluxe marshmallows :(

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Lololololololol how stupid of her. I know we're not supposed to laugh at people, but she did do it in public where everybody can see it, thus justifying the laughter of her own stupidity. How many people have been laid off this year just from posting things on Twitter? I just hope this one instance isn't counted as another reason why many people think white blonde girls are dumb as bricks... Wait, bricks aren't even close to this girl's stupidity.

Did I mentio...

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I don't mind them checking the sites I go through everyday. Most teenagers my age would probably, in no particular order, be on these sites regularly:

-I'm in the weird part of Youtube again
•Gaming site
•Then end it off with another Porn

I sometimes get distracted by a tittilating ad on the side, click on it, and fin...

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Due to our limited technology and understanding of the entire galaxy, we have yet to explore 1% of the entirety of space, let alone 50%. These astronomers may be spouting off BS, but since space is such a giant mystery to us still, there might be truth to what they are saying. Heck, even the Earth is yet to be fully explored.

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Is water really that important when it comes to finding extraterrestrial life? It's possible that with the infinite amount of galaxies there are, there are bound to be billions or greater planets that don't even need water for its inhabitants to survive.

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