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Facepalm on you sir, unless you touch type you won't understand what the guides on F and J are for.

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Face palm

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"If I had to choose, I will choose CurrentC over Apple Pay even if it won’t be as seamless as the Apple Pay." Rofl

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@Tiqila Lets be truthful here, I have yet to see any shops in the UK offering NFC for payment. Haven't seen google wallet appear on shop windows or at coffee shops. Last I checked google doesn't even openly talk about about it. To me it just sounds like a good idea they had but never caught on fire and turned viral.

Think Apple talk about the innovation in the whole system they created rather than the underlining concept of NFC which sits along with Wifi, Bluethooth ...

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There's over a 100 billion websites, any number of websites can have links to material people say should be brought down.

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I have deep belief Tim Cook is right. You may not agree with Apple but when ever they take something on they rarely fail.

@proudly_X "It's trying to fix something that isn't broken, and on a limited audience.." It may not be broken but its aging concept. Money use to be cash in hand, then came cheques, then came cards, then came contactless and now its none of the above. It costs billions to print cards and technology is opening a very large door in sorting...

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You do know that google doesn't control the internet.

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@Tiqila It takes more than just adding NFC to a device to create an experience. Apple added NFC to their device then combined it with software protocols and sold the idea to companies who then advertised the technology.

Yeah NFC was probably dreamt up 40 years ago but the real world application has only came about in the last 3 years with pretty shit attempt much how the dreamcast came about.

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Lets be truthful here, were not talking about how innovative Android and others have been because they haven't. Simple as, if they were we would all be using their products and endorsing their ideals.

Their seems to be an issue here with people saying Apple has never innovative, when actually they have. And quoting oohh but they rip others folks stuff, but isn't that exactly what every other manufacturer does. Stick new technology with old technology to create an expe...

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Apple have never billed themselves with putting pointless state of the art technology into their products. That's what Asian manufactures like Samsung do.

You could have over blown GPU in the phone for making 4k video and destroy the battery life. But to them that's pointless, because what it offers the users is limited benefits.

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Wow, tragedy of the day ROFL

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Thats not exactly true. Not completing your course of anti-biotics is the problem. Bacteria is becoming more resistant drugs because people think their fine after the worse of the flu is over and stop taking their medicine. Bacteria then doesn't have to fight so hard and has time to stay within the body.

It is shocking that we could slip back 200 years in medicine. One scratch, one sniff or one sore throat could be ur death sentence. With no drugs to fight the common cold...

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That's not quiet true. Google has been fighting to defeat Facebook which it see's as a threat to its social existence.

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Where will this research go into mmm... let me think... I know building the next generation of soldier who feels nothing and is quiet literally programmed.

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Thats on par with you grow into being black or turn genders during life on the stupidity meter. There isn't anything in your life which makes someone homosexual. Thats just wrong.

@FlameBaitGod - Sounds to me by your username your someone who hides behind religion/crowd casting stones at others who you believe are different to you because your a shallow person.

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Unfortunately there's some things we can and cannot change in life.

Is there a difference between being black, white, olive or gay or lesbian?

No. Same as skin pigment, you can not change who you are from within. There nothing to take away or add, you cannot be manipulated or corrected. Your body, mind and perceptions are set from the day you were born.

If you think homosexuality is a choice?

Kiss another man or woman and...

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Since homosexuality is wrong does that make them broken goods?

Does that mean anyone who is perfect at any point in life is broken and that we should wipe out all the human mistakes like the Nazi did?

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Ahh ha... Should everyone be the same in your world.

Oddly enough peoples mind aren't ruled by a book.

If its the prophet from the religion I am thinking of its a book about killing everyone who doesn't believe in it. Its a book about torturing animals and treating women like whores.

You going to round people up like Nazi germany?

Then let those people be punished in heaven. What is it to do with you what people do? ...

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Gift from God you say :/

Did God intend for his gift to be crafted with good and evil?

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@ChrisW think your missing the point.

Google Glasses would be used by the user all day. CCTV doesn't record for public broadcast and its data is destroyed daily/weekly/monthly.

Google already admitted to data mining information from all its outlets. If you believe no one will see them, your laughable.

Taking casual pictures in public with friends is one thing. Having Google data mine images of your own house, what your possession are and ...

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