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You touch yourself at night


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I'm still astounded by these close minded people who try it for 5 minutes and downgrade, lmao

I've been using it since June (3 months already, and yeah the beta was quite unstable at the beggining) and while I was reluctant at first, give it a few days and it's the best iOS update since iOS 4.

Absolutely amazing.

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Because of the tear shape, you couldn't even place it in a flat surface without it moving around.

Thankfully Apple will never make such an unfunctional (although pretty) design :D

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A true visionary, a genius, a dreamer. Rest in peace, Steve :(

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by the way, the author doesn't explain it but you have to have a jailbroken device and make some modifications to activate it (and download FaceForward from Cydia)

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I've never underatood what blackberry offers in front of other phones. I mean why would you buy a phone with a keyboard that takes up half of the space? security when sending messages? Not be etter than the iphone... i serioualy don't understand why the bb exists. Can anybody explain it? seriously :D

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why is bryant orange

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its called "being social", you know, talking to your friends to organize something, or to simply have fun.... lol -_-

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I usually like Google as a company but this is just too much... wtf they want to control the whole internet or what?

Gimme a break!

And I don't think they stand a chance against something like Facebook, google or not FB is still a fucking juggernaut

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I don't know about lasers or anything, but couldn't you put like a mirror at the top or something to stop de lazor and make it even more concentrated? :P

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