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March Contest Winners

Syko|2682d ago |Blog Post|6|

Here are the Winners of the March Contest. Great job last month.


1.) Stringerbell
2.) bahadur

Prize: 2 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each


1). $75: Stringerbell - 35580
2). $45: ZoyosJD - 20860
3). $30: KnowTechie - 15140


Hottest Story: Minimoth

Most Commented Story: Stringerbell

Prize: 2 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each

Congratulations, and be sure to check out the April Contest for a chance to grab more loot...

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Speed-Racer2682d ago

Congrats to all. Great job with the content, guys. There has been a noticeably huge improvement in the quality of submissions since most of you all joined, so I just wanted to tip my hat to you all for that.

Hopefully we can increase our prize budget one day to get users into a more competitive spirit :P

Syko2682d ago

Ya a lot of new recruits. That's why in April the prizes are up and back to the race for News+managing score. Good luck to all in April and great job everyone.

ZoyosJD2682d ago

Thanks guys.

I'll try and keep up the precedent I set. It was sad to watch the site fade so much back towards the end of last year/earlier this year.

Happy to be of help.

Minimoth2681d ago

Whoah hottest story for March?! That's awesome. Thanks for the prize and don't worry, I'll continue to do my best here on TechSpy. Also, the community seems to be growing a lot as of late :)

Stringerbell2681d ago

Thanks & congrats to all the other winners =p

KnowTechie2681d ago

Thanks and congrats to all the winners!