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uTorrent is now installing a Bitcoin miner on your PC

The uTorrent client will install a Bitcoin miner which can slow down your machine if you're not careful.

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Speed-Racer2093d ago

Somewhat misleading title as users still have a choice, but nonetheless, something to definitely take note off.

freshslicepizza2093d ago

By default it should be ticked off so that anyone who doesn't read the fine print downloads it by mistake. This type of practice is very shady.

ZoyosJD2093d ago

It's not even a tick box, it's either "accept offer" or "decline offer".

At least it's just a bitcoin miner for charity rather than $10k on your house. People need to learn to read so they don't make a bigger mistake later.

Dasteru2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

This is why i switched to Deluge ages ago. uTor is constantly packing more and more junk in with the program and there are even rumors that they have been working with the MPAA and automatically handing over IPs and DL info for several years now.

Speed-Racer2092d ago

Thanks for this. I've just switched.

Lazyeye792093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

I guess its a good thing that I haven't updated uTorrent in quite some time.

Stringerbell2093d ago

Reminds me of those days when every and any program packed on Weather bug. How I hated that program!

kingPoS2093d ago

Sometimes older software is lighter & better.

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