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HTC One X - The Good, Bad and Ugly | Geeks Have Landed Review

Geeks Have Landed: The HTC One X was released in the UK on April 6th and will be coming out in the US on May 6th. There is some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly to be seen from this phone.

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ZILLA3435d ago

I have had my EVO for over a year and never had a case and the lens is perfect.the trick is nothing but my phone is in my right pocket,if anythingnlike change or keys all bets are off.and htc is strong to cause im a plumber!

DizzyDino3435d ago

I had problems with my Evo 4G. The camcorder was messed up and Sprint said it was because of the hdmi port on the bottom. i want the One X. I have a jailbroken IPhone 4 with Siri but I would throw it away in a heartbeat for this phone.