Exclusive photos: We put Nokia's controversial Lumia 920 PureView camera to the test

The Verge-"This week, Nokia grandly unveiled its latest Windows Phone 8 flagship, the Lumia 920. It was an effort to reintroduce Nokia once again to the smartphone buying public and make the case that its technological prowess was second to none. The most important part of that argument is undoubtedly the Lumia 920's "PureView" camera. That case was utterly undermined by Nokia itself six hours after the unveiling, when we discovered that the promotional video that appeared to feature the new camera technology was faked. Nokia officially apologized for the deception and then was later forced to apologize again when still photos pulled from the same video were also revealed to be fakes."

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gaffyh3926d ago

Images don't even look that good. If this is meant to be showing optical image stabilisation, it works okay, but there is still a lot of blur. So much so that it looks like the woman has no eyes.

If it's trying to show how good it is in low-light situations, then it looks like it can do that quite well. But it's only just better than the Galaxy S3's camera.

Software_Lover3926d ago

Well, the pics look good. They showed up the other phones on the list

Mark4843926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

yes you are right , It compared all other in day and night mode .... to show nokia what they told about Nokia lumia 920 that it will have an actual camera ...It not working yet!!

Gondee3924d ago

these small sensors can't really hope to have amazing night shots. but the nokia is defiantly the best of them in this comparison. That said, i want to see day shots against these phones. Thats what really matters to consumers, and to me.

I do suspect that the Iphone 5's new camera will best all of the above. Their sony sensors just always seem to have the perfect average of all situations. Good in all, rather then great in some situations and piss poor in others.