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Anonymous Threatens to 'Unleash Hell' Against YouTube to Reopen Account

IBT says

Anonymous has warned YouTube that it will "unleash hell" against the video-sharing website if it does not reopen one of the collective's main accounts.Despite the vagueness of the threats, the hacktivists stressed that the website would not be directly affected, as it represents a "medium of communication that has fallen in the wrong hands".

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spicelicka2399d ago

looks like they already won

fatstarr2400d ago

*sits back* Ill see the new article on Wednesday lol

coolasj2399d ago

Anonymous : "We are mad, do what we say"
Google : "lol no"

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2399d ago

At least they aren't using their "you stuck your penis in our behive, beware of our sting" line lol

Anyways i've seen more convincing threats in small budget softcore porn. Good luck Anonymous, i'm sure this will be a raving success just like all of your past "unleash hell" projects,, Oh wait

r212399d ago

again? its hard to believe an unorganized organization.

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The story is too old to be commented.