How the father of the World Wide Web plans to reclaim it from Facebook and Google

When the World Wide Web first took off in the mid 1990s, the dream wasn’t just big, it was distributed: Everyone would have their own home page, everyone would post their thoughts – they weren’t called “blogs” until 1999 – and everyone would own their own data, for there was no one around offering to own it for us. The web consisted of nodes joined by links, with no center.

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-Mezzo-1868d ago

Really interesting read.

Devil-X1868d ago

No one can beat Facebook or Google at their own game really.

-Mezzo-1867d ago

You might be right, Google and Facebook have grown ridiculously and it's nearly impossible to beat them now.

Specially Google, as unlike Facebook, Google is so much more and I see Facebook dying much earlier than Google ever would.

Devil-X1867d ago

As sarcastic as it might sound but Google+ actually died earlier than Facebook. :P

nowitzki20041867d ago

LOL he said Google+

Mezzo is talking about a whole lot more than social networking.

NarooN1867d ago

Damn, I literally forgot Google+ even existed at one point. Holy shit.

-Mezzo-1867d ago

Yup, i was talking more about Google as a Search Engine , Email Host, Software Developer.

annoyedgamer1867d ago

These corporations are destroying the free flow of information.

N0TaB0T1867d ago

Google will have their moment.

They already are infamous for axing programs everybody loved (Remember Orkut?), but everyone seems to let them off easy for this.