Police made 'errors' during raid on Megaupload boss

BBC : A police blunder could mean luxury cars, giant TVs and jewellery seized during a police raid will be returned to Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom.

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Zerg2404d ago

Well his cars won't mean anything to him if he's in jail. lol. Hopefully this guy gets off the hook.

fatstarr2404d ago

hes outta jail at the moment and preparing to battle it out in court.

fatstarr2404d ago

this is good very good. Im a fan and Im all for him winning against the government that will do anything to get you sent to jail.

I wonder how many cases of this exist in the united states alone. who woulda guessed the paper work was incorrectly filed .

ngecenk2404d ago

when you have a gazillion dollars to pay lawyers, the police will be always wrong.

TLG19912404d ago

well if they can't repo a wanted man properly how do they expect to win in court when he has his $$$ army behind him lol

i hope he gets off the hook though he is paying the price for people putting copyright through his service, although he didn't do anything to stop it but still. theres alot worse going on out there jeez!!