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Megaupload Slams U.S. Secret Move to Share Evidence With Copyright Holders

TorrentFreak- Megaupload’s legal team is protesting against a sealed court order which allows the U.S. Government to share evidence from the Megaupload case with copyright holders. The Government believes this is necessary to assist rightsholders in potential civil action against the defunct file-hosting site. According to Megaupload’s legal team, however, allowing the Government to spread a “one-sided, cherry-picked set of facts” will hurt its former users and infect the jury pool.

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Settler3790d ago

The government knows that they made so many mistakes that they could lose the criminal case against Megaupload.


Kim Dotcom’s lawyer will also represent alleged KickassTorrents founder

Ira Rothken has kept Megaupload founder free for years. Can he do it again?

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Megaupload 2.0 to Launch With Original Megaupload User Database

Following the news earlier this week that Kim Dotcom intends to relaunch Megaupload, the entrepreneur has just delivered a new surprise. Rather than a cold start, Megaupload 2.0 will hit the ground running by deploying the original Megaupload user database.

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Megaupload Paid Prolific Pirates Thousands in Rewards, U.S. Says

In a rewards program that lasted five years, Megaupload paid out more than $3m to users who uploaded content the site. One of those was paid more than $50,000, despite having more than 1,200 takedown notices filed against his account, the U.S. claims. Countering, lawyers for Kim Dotcom says its unfair those users' identities are being kept secret.

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