iWallet for iPhone 5, more than wireless credit card payments writes - Did you think iWallet was just a patent for wireless payments for its iDevices? Think again, it is more than this and should help you keep track of your finances.

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theseeder2409d ago

NFC will take off as soon as Apple integrate it seamlessly into its products, the world will take note and then everyone will realise that other smartphones can do this already lol

plumber152408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Yes, but can it sustain a 10hr battery ? That's what people dont understand about Apple , you can have the best features on earth but if the battery dies when you want to use that feature it basically renders it useless. That's the way I look at purchasing products of any sort , will it work when I need it ? A resent example I was buying a new pair of clippers for shaving , the problem with the ones I bought the battery keeled out half way though a shave , so what did I do to resolve this I bought a corded razor . What I am getting at is , no one wants to buy the same thing twice .