Apple Replacing Faulty iPhone 5 Batteries For Free; How To Find Out If You’re Eligible

The iPhone is not the best smartphone around when it comes to battery life retention, and from time to time we’ve heard occasional reports that users are experiencing subpar battery life those in ownership of an iPhone 5. And today, the issue has been officially confirmed by Apple and the problem lies in the hardware of the device itself, and luckily you’re eligible for a free battery replacement, if you qualify for it.

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TechImperia2621d ago

good first giving faulty batteries and then after replacing them

neoragex2613d ago

What about if we replaced the battery already...will we get a credit of some sort? I replaced mine a month my five in January of 2013.

Sahil2613d ago

My wife followed their directions, spoke on phone with Apple representative, made appointment at Apple store, arrived at Apple store early for appointment, and was told they had no batteries. Put on list to be "notified" so she could make another appointment in the future and to be prepared to allow from 45 minutes to four hours for replacement.

neoragex2613d ago

Just spent 100 bucks to replace mine last week!!! Damn Apple.

Sahil2613d ago

$100?? A replacement battery is simple to do yourself and is less than $10!

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