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Doctors Grow Parkinsonian Human Brain Cells In Vitro, Shedding Light on the Genetics of the Disease


"For the first time, Parkinson’s researchers have made human brain cells derived from the skin cells of patients who carry a mutated gene related to Parkinson’s disease. This means researchers can now track exactly how this mutation, in a gene called parkin, causes the disease in about 10 percent of Parkinson’s patients."

C_Menz4481d ago

Any insight on Parkinson Disease is good news for those families who have someone who suffers from it. Even if it only helps 10% of those who have it, it would still be a huge breakthrough.


The Cure to HIV and AIDS Might Lie in Apoptosis

Researchers at Kumamoto University believe that the cure for HIV/AIDS might lie in trapping the virus in host cells and letting them die through apoptosis.

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Three scientists win Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering genes that regulate the body’s clock

This year’s Nobel Prize in medicine has been awarded to three scientists who discovered the genes that control the circadian rhythm, or the body’s natural day-night cycle.

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A Robot has Successfully Performed Dental Surgery on its Own

According to the South China Morning Post. A robot has been able to perform dental surgery all on its own. This was a result of a collaborative effort.

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