Anti-cancer breakthrough 'can eradicate tumours'

Scientists say the newly discovered method of killing cancer cells may yield a much more effective treatment for the disease.

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ajax171037d ago

I swear we hear about these 'medical breakthroughs' all the time, but it seems like nothing ever comes of them. I'm just waiting for one of them to finally just come out and say: CANCER CURED

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thorstein1036d ago

The solution to cancer will be many faceted. For instance, immuno therapy works very well with some cancers. However, genetic therapy (stem cell therapy) can work well with other cancers.

Not all cancers are the same. In fact, cervical cancer has different versions of this one type. So, it isn't quite as easy as a one size fits all "cancer is cured!" but chemo therapy and radiation will be gone soon in light of a more genetics based approach.

I know this because of the long conversations I have had with my mother's oncologist.