Anonymous Hacks Syrian President’s Email. The Password: 12345

Mashable: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been under fire from world leaders to step down this week. He’s also under fire from hacktivist group Anonymous, who leaked hundreds of his office’s emails on Monday.

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cyberbob4494d ago

Syrian President’s trick failed....I guess he's trying to do some gamble.

C_Menz4494d ago

Funny how people still use passwords like this. Anything that is important should require a complicated password and all websites should force you to use "strong" passwords.

PaPa-Slam4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

Agreed, you'd think an Email this important would have a really strong Password.

BeastOrange4494d ago

Password and 12345 and birthdays, and kids names are the top passwords listed as weak. Wonder if the password said "STUPID" when he typed it in lol

Speed-Racer4494d ago

Oh snap, guess it's time to change my password.

LordStig4494d ago

that's the kind of of password some idiot would have on his luggage :P

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Settler2838d ago

Nice services. Will definitely give a try to pidmail.com


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