Anonymous issues a call to arms against Donald Trump

“Donald Trump, think twice before you speak anything,” said a masked member of Anonymous in a recent video. “You have been warned.”

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micx2135d ago

1st April, why does it sound like a joke?

KnowTechie2134d ago

Yea, I don't think they're going to be able to pull anything off. It's too late, they should have done something a year ago.

micx2134d ago

To be honest, I thought Trump would eliminate himself from the presidential race with his behaviour.
But seems not.

KnowTechie2134d ago

yea, unfortunately people are idiots.

Ogygian2134d ago

I don't get it.

Didn't Anonymous originate from 4Chan? And doesn't 4Chan love Donald Trump?

What happened to Anonymous? Make Anonymous great again!

Bobafret2134d ago

These gits have watched V for Vendetta one too many times. Probably never even heard of Guy Fawkes until that movie.

2134d ago
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