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Anonymous Claims Neo-Nazi Links to Republican Ron Paul writes:
The Anonymous collective has hacked into and defaced the website of an American nationalist party, claiming it had connections with Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Hackers attacked and took possession of the website belonging to American Third Position (A3P), a white nationalist party which allegedly has connections with neo-Nazi and extreme right-wing organisations.

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Yi-Long3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

... mostly Arabs.

Ron Paul doesn't, and now HE's being linked to some extreme rightwing group!? Seriously!?

And right-wingers voting Republican is nothing new.

Let's look at how many extreme right wing supporters are supporting the whjole teaparty movement. How many of those are now backing Newt!?

Ron Paul is the most peaceful of all the Republican nominees this year, equal rights for ALL, he doesn't think America should be starting wars all over the world, etc etc.

Some people are claiming he is 'anti-semetic', cause he's against ALL foreign-aid, instead of the other candidates who all SAY they're against foreign aid, except for Israel, which somehow still needs billions of US dollars...(!)

That doesn't make him anti-semetic! That just means he's not a hypocrite like the others are.

Dee_913957d ago

whats new.
we vote for the least of the worst.
Its been like that since bill ronald reagan lol

Flavor3957d ago

It's called character assassination.

You know, when your opponents stand on a morally/financially bankrupt platform, and have no real solutions, they just make up stuff or twist things to make you appear the bad guy.

Love how there is absolutely no proof to go with this, and nobody has ever heard of this site before.

Kurylo3d3957d ago

last i checked anonymous didnt work for any particular republican candidate.

C_Menz3952d ago

It's simple. Ron Paul doesn't play into what the Republicans want if they get a candidate to win the presidency. He doesn't fit into supporting the needs of corporate backers and heir interest and does what he thinks is best in his mind.

In return he doesn't et as much coverage(both negative and positive) so he flys under the radar to most voters who only hear that Romney or Newt are the best choices. Throw in a few negative jabs here and there and he won't get a chance to run for president.

I like Ron Paul the most out of the republican choices, however even if he is the best choice it means squat when it comes to our money fueled political system.

hesido3957d ago

Sense, this doesn't make any.

Lord_Sloth3957d ago

I'm pretty sure a lot of people can be LINKED to them. The question is are they themselves a Neo Nazi. Yes? No? Maybe? Come back with a solid answer and shut the hell up.

Minute Man 7213957d ago

How much more garbage & lies can the MSM come up with?

ThirstyforFanta3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

And why exactly would they lie?

Ravens203957d ago

Ron Paul Anti-Christ. 2012. End of the world.

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