Anonymous takes aim over Europe's SOPA Online activists Anonymous are targeting the European Parliament and supporters of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which critics say would curtail freedom of expression and encourage surveillance by service providers.

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T3MPL3TON 3281d ago

Europe doesn't really have anyone saying no to the bill. It's going to pass (actually, it technically already has). It's actually worst than SOPA. I'd take SOPA over ACTA any day.

gaffyh3281d ago

"Kader Arif of France, resigned today, saying he was opposed to the lack of transparency on the ACTA negotiations, the fact that the public was not consulted"

Damn right, I hadn't even heard of this until now, and I'm from the UK. This will be yet another thing that anti-EU supporters will latch on to, as a lot of people in the UK want to get out of the European Union due to lack of control over laws, such as this.

3281d ago
DarkBlood3281d ago

Anonymous i hope you try to defeat the canadian one too if any of them knows about it