Anonymous continue OpMegaupload with more record labels targeted

Technology Mob: "With Anonymous flexing its muscles on Thursday by taking out Universal, MPAA, RIAA and many more the backlash continued today with a band of other sites taken down."

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lugia 40004503d ago

No matter what they do, Megaupload wont be back.

zag4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Yeah I know, it won't be coming back and with the CEO being in new zealand they are screwed law wise.

Also all the site "hacked" really DDoS are all back up.

Kind of funny as soon as they said a site was down on twitter everyone must have stopped then gone to another site and the old site would be all fine again.

They probably only go down for a few mins at best.

Then you have sites in Brazil being DDoS and they would be down for ages as being tiny sites not had to DoS them.

Alas all pointless efforts.

Overall, even the hacking stuff done by anon is only database grabs or getting root because Linux is so open it's not funny as an OS.

Otherwise all the stuff is hardly worth bothering about.

Did you see the stuff Anon where throwing up about the stratfor emails,
the CEO is telling the publicist "hey it's great that your helping me get the book out" and the publicist saying "no problems glad to help."

And anon are saying see they are doing bad bad things, quite funny I thought.

BeastOrange4503d ago

Megaupload is now history, but another one will pop up before we have time to m mourn the loss lol. Anom is doing what everyone else is just talking about. Good for them I hope the public gives them more support.

technologymob4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

Actually, many say it's already back on just an IP address for now... but, frankly, there's been no reliable source yet. I imagine it won't stay up for long; they're going to get screwed in court from what I've seen of the evidence.

NovusTerminus4503d ago

Now Anon shows their true colors.

They are now just targeting Record Labels. But MegaUpload was not about stealing right? But now Anon is after Warner Music? Really? This just shows that you want piracy.

People do not work for free. That is the world. Get over it.

Stealing hurts the company, and anyone will protect their investment.

SnakeCQC4502d ago

seriously go f*** yourself you self righteous p**** my household pays over a hundred pounds a month for sky maxed package with hd content but shows from the usa come here late so i stream for my convenience and its nice not to have 10 minutes of advertising for every 15 minutes of show time (movie makers, companies like sky have become tooo greedy)

zag4502d ago

But you haven't gotten it.

Your sky payment helps to pay royalties to the actors and stuff so people who make the show can get paid.

Just like you probably get paid money for doing what you do for your work to pay for the 100 pound sky sub you have.

If the show doesn't bring in ratings to make companies want to pay for ads while the show is on, then it will be canned quickly as again people don't work for free.

NovusTerminus4502d ago

Very mature way to post, in the future try and talk instead of cussing.

I do not pay for TV and I don't see why you do. I use Hulu and Netflix. On those two services I can see everything I want to. Yes it sucks waiting, I spend years waiting on anime that never gets localized, I understand that.

However, would you work for free? Would you be willing to work a full time job only to not get your money? Protect you time. Protect your investment, this is what they are doing.

And I once again, use Netflix and Hulu, and I do not watch TV. Everyone downloading Legend of the Seeker is what got it canceled, which is one of the only shows I would watch, now I am stuck with Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. So those downloads killed my favorite show.

Hozi4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Hey, I understand that Hollywood doesnt want people to pirate, but it's their fault it happens. If they would release movies sooner rather than months after their showing in Cinemas then we would all be much happier. They also are some of the richest mofos out there. So when they complain about money and we get so much less than them because our life isn't all about fame and glory and they are the ones complaing about losing money. I can really see their true colors.

And tell me somthing...what's the point in having Cable/Direct TV and none of the shows are really interesting, just repeats of the same old boring movies and to watch a select movie on Paperview you gotta pay even more on top of what you are already paying for.Now top all of that off with a shit ton of Adverts/Commercials. Rediculous!

dcbronco4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

I'm not sure how anyone could defend the record and movie companies. They release tons of crap and force it on the public. They use their position to force radio stations to only play that crap and to keep anyone doing something different out of the market. Then they cheat the artist. Most new artist make 10-20 cents per album sold. And from that small amount you are held responsible for the cost of just about everything. Studio time, back-up singers, album art, transportation. The music company takes their $9.80 from the album and pays all of their cheesy executives bonuses.

Movie companies are only slightly better. Whatever the Anons do to them they deserve. There are thousands of bankrupt former multi-platinum artist out there living off of little or nothing from music that still generates millions. All artist need to go independent. Screw the companies.

The most disturbing thing about SOPA and PIPA is the speed at which a corporation can get a bill introduced in Congress. Odd that anything that is truly useful to the average American get bogged down in red tape and poison pills. During this election years Americans really need to be paying attention to the people that sell them out on a daily basis.

I personally haven't voted for a Democrat or Republican in a national election in 16 years now. I wish more would stop voting for them so that we can get rid of the clowns and finally start moving ahead as a country.

NovusTerminus4502d ago

I do not vote, and I do not have a political side, nor do I like the way companies do things. But bands make their money on tours, not album sales this I already know.

I am fully against SOPA and PIPA, but I do understand that piracy is a huge issue. And I agree with you about the clowns in charge.

However, people are programed to get what is hip, what is popular, what everyone else has. Hence why teenagers will spend 80 - 200 bucks for pants that look no different then the 20 dollar pants and Wal Mart.

I listen to some of the most underground bands, Lacrimas Profundere, ever heard of them? But the companies foot the bill for getting the advertising, and give them focus, I have known a few bands local to me, and they all lack direction on what they are doing.

Radios play songs by demand, people demand a song, radio plays it. That is how they do it.

Again, I am not for it, just that I understand protecting an investment. And the way to protest is not Hacking the Playstation Network, Banks, Xbox Live, and other things.

I am sad that this is my last bubble though, I finally found someone who would debate rather than scream mindlessly. Nice post, well spoken.

dcbronco4502d ago

I'll never understand what makes people willing to follow each other either. From a "what's in" standpoint. I make my own decisions based on my likes and dislikes. I base my decisions on all of the information available to me. Not just the info from the last week. People forget too soon and base decisions on things that have nothing to do with the issue.

Radio stations don't play based on demand. The choices are limited from the start. The companies push their artist. In exchange for the best seats at concerts and appearances on stations. And often cash and other gifts. It's used to be called payola. It still goes on. Now there are just fewer people to bribe since a few companies own most of the stations.

As far as providing direction. It shouldn't cost an artist 99% of the money. There are millions of people that could provide that direction. Not as many truly talented artist. And I agree about acting video game networks. Though I hope they rip the banks worse than anyone. I also don't believe in protecting a group that stills millions of dollars from average people and then brides elected officials to make sure they aren't punished for it. Actually the officials set it up so that the crooks can maximize each theft. And then have us replace the money they stole from us.

There is no defending Hollywood and their accounting, music companies and their contracts or banks and investment companies and their pure theft.

mrsatan4500d ago

No your legend of the seeker show got cancelled because it cost 1.5 million an episode and had weak viewership. Your argument is stupid because there are plenty of shows that have viewership for a high budget. It just wasn't the sort of show to attract most viewers. I love it when people like you blame pirates for everything.

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Lord_Sloth4503d ago

lol Anon.

Stop getting mad because you can't steal anymore.

tachy0n4503d ago

u do know that most of megaupload users were legit right?

idiotic troll is idiotic.

Lord_Sloth4502d ago

MOST were but Anon is targeting music companies to prove their point. Do think in the future, you look like less of a tool.

FlashXIII4502d ago

They are probably attacking music companies because they are some of the biggest people to speak out against piracy. I bet the music companies played a big role in the downfall of megaupload regardless if most users were legit.

SnakeCQC4502d ago

music sales have reached new highs because of piracy its free viral advertising i may not buy the bands first album because of pirating but i will buy the 2 3 etc i have discovered so much more music i liked and will buy through that initial piracy

zag4502d ago

I think they got rid of mega share due to the stuff anon kept putting up on their which was people ID and credit details and emails.

I think that a far far better reason the piracy bit is just to give people a quick/simple answer for it.

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