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How to Install Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus [Without Rooting]

AppSplit:"Do you own a Galaxy Nexus? Are you mad that it doesn’t support Google Wallet? Yes? then today we bring you the “How to Put Google Wallet on your Galaxy Nexus Tutorial”. Well, thanks to the hardworking devs at XDA forums, you can now enjoy the Google Wallet on your smartphone without even rooting the device."

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appsplit4002d ago

I think your hunch on Verizon is probably true considering Sprint is one of the partners Google lists on their site:

Who has partnered with Google for Google Wallet?
... ... Citi, MasterCard, First Data, and Sprint are key launch partners for Google Wallet ... ...

_Q_4001d ago

Trying out in just a bit..

dilawer4001d ago

cool, looking forward to you feedback! :)