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Verizon is throttling data and shaking down fire departments amid the California wildfires

In a lawsuit filed by 22 California state attorney generals yesterday, Verizon has been accused of throttling — or intentionally slowing the speed of an Internet service to — a California fire department’s data during the state’s ongoing wildfire crisis.

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thorstein1405d ago

Well, too bad there isn't a policy. Something that would make a neutral network. Some thing that would prevent corporations from throttling data. Some policy that would make the internet equal amongst all comers.

If only... we could call it something alliterative like Neutral Net or Net Neutral... if only someone had thought of this sooner...

Cobra9511405d ago

Wasn't California supposed to enact its own net-neutrality legislation?

1405d ago
slate911405d ago

I thought internet and cell providers were already throttling internet speeds way before cnn told us to care about net neutrality? 🤔

1405d ago
MazeRunner1405d ago

some states have laws that punished these companies for throttling. hope verizon pays for this.

SunnyZ1402d ago

Just change ISP provider.
Oh wait, there is no other ISP available, you mean they have formed a monopoly?

Oh well say it ain't so!

RIP American Internet.