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Swisscom slip-up hints at Nokia Lumia 900 coming end of February

Engadget - Is the Lumia 900 a real device or an Arctic mirage? We've seen clues that Espoo might be working on a bigger Windows Phone to complement the Lumia 800 and 710, to the point where the strange Twitter conversation above doesn't strike us as totally surprising.

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FTG Nerd Review: Nokia Lumia 900

FTG writes- In February 2011, a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia promised the Finnish mobile manufacturer would make the Windows Phone their primary operating system for its smartphone devices. With the combination of know-how between the software giant and leading mobile handset manufacture, great things were expected.

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mcstorm4249d ago

I have to say what nokia have done with windows phone is not whst i expected from them. I have been a htc user since the htc hd and the last htc device i got was the titan and i really enjoyed using the device but when the lumia 900 came out i had a play and the clear black sceeen made my titan screem look very dull even though they were the same resolution. Add nokia maps navigation to this as well as the other extra bits nokia added to there market place it really gives samsung and htc something to think about if they want to grab a big part of the windows phone market.

I look forward to seeing what nokia do now ms have made windows phone 8 work with the high end devices beacuse if its as smooth as wp7 on a single core phone then android and apple will have something to worry about.

dkgshiz4249d ago

Its got rather dull specs. Only a 1.4ghz single core processor. They are dirt cheap though if your two year contract is up and you are looking to upgrade. Only like $19 to upgrade. Some places its even free.

aviator1894249d ago

The reasons these run on low specs is because the ui doesn't need anything powerful to run it. The windows UI is already fluid and fast with single core, unlike android phones, which require dual core just to maintain a good performance.

OT: I can't wait to get me a windows phone 8.


AT&T Philadelphia Tech Party – Food, Drinks, and Rare Tech

Front Towards Gamer-On Wednesday, July 25th, AT&T sponsored a Philadelphia tech party at the Union Trust Steakhouse on Chestnut Street. Food arrangements were made, a limo was ordered, bar tabs were taken care of, and of course there were plenty tech goodies to be enjoyed. Not only did AT&T provide a number of great new phones and accessories (some really cool, some more “out there”), but also, inviting people who love tech means a few surprises are ensured to follow.

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Lumia 900 still a raw deal despite heavy discount

Cnet: Unless you're comfortable being stuck a generation behind in just a few months, you should avoid Nokia's flagship phone.

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